Dog licking its lips
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Food for Thought lecture stream at London Vet Show

Libby, who is Purina's Scientific Affairs Manager will be speaking in the Food for Thought stream at 2pm on Thursday on ‘Pre-, pro- and post-biotics- what are they and how do they help my patient?’. Don't miss this exciting session as there is also a chance to ask questions during a UK Pet Food discussion panel. 

If you are feeling inspired after the session, don't forget to visit Purina on stand L50 where there is an exciting table game allowing participants to  steer the FortiFlora ball through the replica of a gut of a dog!  Every player will benefit from samples of FortiFlora and Hydra Care and there's a chance to appear on the leader board if you can complete the challenge under 30 seconds! The three fastest times over the event will receive £100 Amazon gift vouchers.